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Chicago Matters: Our Next Generation

Chicago's award-winning public affairs series returns in 2004 with Chicago Matters: Our Next Generation, focusing on youth in the Chicago region, ages 11 to 22.

Our Next Generation explores how society is influenced by — and how the world looks to — local youth. Civic life, economic markets, popular culture, the educational system, even the built environment — all are being changed in subtle and dramatic ways by today's young people.

Immigrant Teens: Airs Sept. 28th
There are many joys and challenges for Chicago teens. What are the unique experiences that come with life as an immigrant teen? This segment will tell the story of one immigrant youth and follow her through a day in her life. Cindy Luna is a 20 year-old UIC student who came to Chicago 6 years ago, to live with her father - whom she had never met.
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Bullies: Airs Oct. 12th
We've come to accept school bullying as a fact of life. We've all had some experience with it, and for decades the movies and television have bombarded us with often funny or simplistic depictions of the school bully. Bullying is such a fixture in our culture that we almost forget that it is a very real problem--until it turns tragic. In the wake of highly publicized events like Columbine and Glenbrook North, there was a lot of tough talk about combating school bullying, but most experts agree that it's still a very serious problem. So what is the problem? And what are the very real steps that some schools are finally taking to bring it to an end?
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Teen Sex: Airs Oct. 27th
Taylor Moore is girl with a mission. She's a 15-year-old sophomore at Kenwood Academy High School in Hyde Park, who is passionate about promoting sexual abstinence before marriage. Meanwhile, at Curie High School near Midway airport a group of students is tackling teen pregnancy from a completely different angle: by educating them about sexuality and contraception. They think the abstinence-only approach is unrealistic and leaves sexually active students at greater risk. Taylor Moore believes that offering too much information about contraception only encourages premarital sex. This segment will look at this controversial issue through the eyes of Chicago students.
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Jail School: Airs Nov. 9th
Before he was arrested for armed robbery, Dominitrick had no interest in school. But in the two years he's awaited trial at Cook County Jail he's turned his life around. He enrolled at Consuella York Alternative High School, where he's one of 625 detainees who are continuing their education inside the jail. Dominitrick started getting good grades, he earned a GED, and he became a role model for other detainees. Now some social workers at the jail are working on getting him a college scholarship...but he can only use a scholarship if he can beat his case and get out of jail.
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Developmentally Disabled Teens: Airs Nov. 23rd
It's called "aging out" of the system, and for many families it's a crisis. When a developmentally disabled teenager reaches the age of 21, all of the free support services schooling and training stop. And for the youth and their families, it marks the beginning of a scramble for limited jobs, program slots, and dollars. Illinois is 47th in the nation when it comes to dollars spent on programs and housing for developmentally disabled adults. We'll meet three youths and their families struggling with this life-changing milestone.
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High School Security: Airs Dec. 7
Ever since Columbine, there has been heightened concern over school security. How safe are our high schools and what's being done to make sure students work in an environment free of fear? This story will look at security from the perspective of both administrators and students.
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Other Available Segments:

Stemming the Drop-Out Tide
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Students Question Senate Candidates
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Teen Campaign Volunteers
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Far from Home
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Teen Self-Injury
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YouthSpeak Part 1: School Social Landscape
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YouthSpeak Part 2: Verbal Abuse
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YouthSpeak Part 3: Life after High School
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The E-Generation
Video: [56k] [Hi Speed]

Gay-Straight Alliances
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Aging Out of Foster Care
Video: [56k] [Hi Speed]

The Teenage Brain
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The Hip-Hop Generation
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Interfaith Youth Dialogue
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