"Wild" Out-Takes from the Show

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Southern Illinois
Jaw dropping natural beauty, palette pleasing wine and Beatle George Harrison's secret vacation hideaway: The Road Trip uncovers surprising Southern Illinois!

Ben's Beatle Confession Hi Speed | Lo Speed

The Fan with the One Track Mind Hi Speed | Lo Speed

Fine Dining Hi Speed | Lo Speed

Central Illinois
Days of cheap gas, no TV, Abraham Lincoln and The Hippie Memorial: The Road Trip hits Springfield and Central Illinois.

The Hippie Memorial: A New Perspective  Hi Speed | Lo Speed

A President's Grief Hi Speed | Lo Speed

Northern Illinois
Illinois' world famous adolescent dinosaur, an award-winning Japanese Garden and a train lover's paradise: The Road Trip unearths the treasures of Northern Illinois.

Jimmy Vitale's Rapid Response Unit Hi Speed | Lo Speed

Southwestern Illinois
Human sacrifice in Illinois's largest city (one thousand years ago), Civil War Ghosts by the Mississippi, and a man-eating bird? The Road Trip scares up some wild tales this week in the Southwestern Region.

I.D. Required Before Viewing Hi Speed | Lo Speed

Elsah's Most Famous Hi Speed | Lo Speed

Why Do They Call it the Piasa Bird? Hi Speed | Lo Speed

 Western Illinois
Where can you take a two-night Riverboat Cruise, sleep in a caboose and find replacements for your Grandmother's Royal Doulton china? Why, in Western Illinois, of course – as seen on The Road Trip.

Martha Stewart Loves Hoffman's Hi Speed | Lo Speed

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