Back to Our Roots! (Chicago Show)

The very first bit we shot for this new series was the Segway stuff. We actually did not intend to do anything more than just get a couple of shots of me scooting by the skyline, but we figured if we’re going to go to the trouble of pulling the ol’ camera out and dress me in my outfit we may as well ask a few questions and see if could get a segment out of the proceedings. I’m so glad we did. Because riding these Segway dealies is a gas. (Actually they are electric.) Is it easy? People, it is so easy you won’t believe it. If you can stand on your own two feet you can drive a segway. And get this: Tom actually rode one whilst carrying 35 pounds on his shoulder. This is dedication.

So we begin the show at the Family Hostel downtown. I love this place. It feeds my love of all things international. The notion that this place is a magnet for people from all over the world, all vying for refrigerator space in the communal kitchen floats my boat. Here is where we can learn a lot about peace and co-existence on a rapidly shrinking planet. Have you ever stayed in a hostel, by the way? If you have you’re really going to appreciate how terrific this place is. Really world class, clean, friendly and accommodating. If only I didn’t live within the city limits I’d want to come down and spend the night just for fun.

Our three unsuspecting stars playing ping-pong were radiologists attending a big radiology confab at McCormick Place. So if the hostel is good enough for a handful of doctors it’s got to be good enough for most. And think of the jack these guys saved!

While editing Cereality I had to cope with serious cravings as images of chocolate and bananas and oatmeal flashed before my eyes hour by hour. I gots to get back to Cereality! What was your favorite cereal, by the way? I actually didn’t get so into cereal until early adulthood when I discovered what an excellent meal it makes any time of day. I add bananas and raisins and I mix a bunch of different varieties, usually corn flakes, or Product 19 (unseen at Cerality – too boring) with something sweet like granola. My dearly departed Aunt Ruth used to eat nothing but cereal in her final years. It runs in the family.

And what of Wicked? The main thing is that I loved hanging with Gene and Rondi backstage getting the tour. Such fun people. I liked Gene’s comment too, about being careful when you’re in the wings watching the witches sing “For Good” and trying not to cry. I’ve always been an easy cry myself, and true to form I was tearing up in the edit suite every time we worked on that part of the segment. I told Tom I was having allergy problems. (Tee hee. Actually I have no problem sharing my feelings with Tom. We are both man enough to express our emotions. As long as there is caffeine and sugar nearby.)

Oh, I hope you gave some serious thought to what was perhaps my most provocative question of the night: What’s the most wicked thing you’ve ever done? Come on, dear viewers, let’s fess up on our message board. You can’t keep carrying that load all your life. A buried secret is buried alive. Save yourself some therapy bills and talk to Ben.

Lastly, if you are loving the show and want more, let WTTW know. And make sure to click on all those links from our friends at the Illinois Bureau of Tourism to make your plans for your own road trip. See you on TV!

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