Wednesday, May 25, 2016

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Welcome to WordWorld!

Now there’s a new show for three- to five-year-olds with an idea so simple and powerful that you can’t help but ask: “Why didn’t I think of that?”

WordWorld, a new TV show on PBS KIDS®, is funded in part by the U.S. Department of Education as part of the Ready To Learn literacy initiative. WordWorld is just as it sounds – a magical world made up of words - where storytelling begins with WordPlay, allowing children to see how letters are put together to form words. Right before their eyes, these words come alive as playmates called WordFriends™ - like Duck and Sheep - and familiar objects called WordThings™ - like Truck and Car.

Each episode is a fun, engaging narrative built around a unique ensemble cast of WordFriends who are characters first and words second. For example, Duck is the silly WordFriend who often “quacks himself up” and his body is literally comprised of the letters D-U-C-K. Sheep is bashful and imaginative and loves to play pretend. Her body is made up of the letters S-H-E-E-P. Rather than focusing on just one main character, the storylines focus on a variety of core characters, allowing children to relate to at least one of the diverse WordFriends.

WordWorld is designed to spark a young child’s imagination, impart a love of words and encourage WordPlay. For example, the WordFriends invite viewers to sing the “Build-a-Word” song after they create a word. Actual children’s voices are used to encourage the at-home audience to sing along with the characters. Once letters are put together to form a word in WordWorld, they instantly and magically morph into a WordThing. For example, the letters B-O-O-K, when combined to form the word “book,” quickly becomes that object while retaining the letters in the object’s design. Through this type of word building, the WordFriends solve problems, explore and play, inspiring children to engage actively and joyously on their journey into reading.

©2007 Word World, LLC. All rights reserved. WordWorld, WordThings, WordFriends, Where Words Come Alive and associated logos are trademarks of Word World, LLC. Patent pending. WordWorld is the first of four children's properties to come from the Ready to Learn Partnership, a creative consortium that includes WTTW National Productions and Word World, LLC.

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