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The Sponsor

"With this program, MassMutual and PBS share a similar goal: to help educate the millions of Americans approaching retirement by giving them the tools and insight needed to assess how to secure their own financial future."

Ian Sheridan, corporate vice president and chief marketing officer for the Retirement Services Division of MassMutual.

MassMutual Financial Group is proud to be the exclusive national sponsor of Retirement Revolution Series®, a two-hour national PBS documentary series that takes a deep and comprehensive look at the financial challenges facing the baby boomer generation.

"This sponsorship is a natural fit for MassMutual," explains Sheridan, ¬ďas our financial professionals are committed to helping consumers prepare for various financial goals including retirement by listening to their needs, demystifying the process, and guiding them to the next steps in building a more secure financial future." The sponsorship builds on MassMutual's long-held belief that consumers require varying degrees of financial assistance at different points in their lives.

To that end, the company has embarked on a multifaceted consumer education campaign designed to help consumers move beyond just thinking about their financial future and actually taking action to realize their financial goals – a commitment summed up by MassMutual's tagline: "We'll Help You Get There."


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