Boulevards and their History

In the 1860's, a group of farsighted Chicagoans offered a new vision for the city’s future. They proposed a revolutionary network of parks, circling the South, West, and North Sides of the city. Linked together by miles of leafy boulevards, it would be the first such system in America. When completed, these parks provided Chicagoans a respite from the hustle and bustle of the city, and an alternative to the unsavory pleasures of gambling dens and saloons. And the boulevards gave them a good way to get to the parks. Learn more about the boulevards and their history.

The Boulevards

Boulevards Sign

MLK Drive (Grand Boulevard) >
Oakwood Boulevard >
Drexel Boulevard >
Midway Plaisance >
Garfield Boulevard >
Western Boulevard >
31st Boulevard >
California Boulevard >
24th Boulevard >


Boulevard Postcard

Marshall Boulevard >
Douglas Boulevard >
Independence Boulevard >
Central Park Boulevard >
Franklin Boulevard >
Sacramento Boulevard >
Humboldt Boulevard >
Kedzie Boulevard >
Logan Boulevard >
Diversey Boulevard >
Lake Shore Drive >

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