Throughout the city and on the web, there are a multitude of resources for cycling in Chicago. The following is a list of some of the most comprehensive and popular resources for Chicago bikers.

Active Transportation Alliance
Active Transportation Alliance is Chicago’s most well-known cycling organization. The mission is to make bicycling, walking, and public transit safe, therefore significantly improving the environment. The website offers information on the organization (including ways to get involved and explanations of the alliance’s work), accident support, summaries of state and local laws, lakefront trail conditions, events, blogs, a web store, and numerous other resources for Chicago cyclists.

Bike 2015 Plan
The Bike 2015 Plan is a collaborative work between Mayor Richard M. Daley’s administration, the Department of Transportation, and the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation to continue promoting cycling and extending the city’s bicycle programs and resources. The plan is divided into eight chapters which focus on establishing a bikeway network, creating bicycle-friendly streets, bike parking, biking and public transit, bicycle education, marketing cycling and health promotion, law enforcement and crash analysis, and even a section for bicycle messengers.

The Chainlink
The Chainlink is one of Chicago’s most popular online cycling communities. The website provides information on local, national, and international rides and trails, events, blogs, information on winter cycling clubs, maps and route tools, a stolen bike registry, and a forum to communicate with other cyclists.

Chicago Bicycle Program
Chicago Bicycle Program is the Department of Transportation’s official web resource for biking in Chicago. The website provides up-to-date information on Chicago’s Bike 2015 Plan, the Mayor’s Bicycling Ambassador Program, educational and safety videos, upcoming civic biking events, bike laws, and information about bike parking. Through the city’s website, you can also download Chicago Bicycle Program publications, a PDF of the lakefront trail, and numerous interactive maps and bike routes.

Chicago Critical Mass
Chicago Critical Mass is a popular biking event that starts at 5:30pm on the last Friday of each month. Cyclists meet at Daley Plaza (Washington and Dearborn) throughout the year, rain, snow, or shine. Information about Critical Mass, rides, and frequently asked questions are all part of the organization's website.

League of Illinois Bicyclists
The League of Illinois Bicyclists is a statewide organization promoting bicycle access, education, and safety. The association provides safety information for youth and adult cyclists, as well as motorists. The website provides maps of many of Illinois’ most popular bike paths and trails. The League of Illinois Bicyclists also has numerous tips for planning cycling trips, which include cost factors, a list of bike friendly communities, and community policies.

League of American Bicyclists
The League of American Bicyclists is a national organization promoting cycling as a form of entertainment, exercise, and transportation. The League works through advocacy and education to create a bicycle-friendly nation. This website provides cyclists with articles on bike safety, commuting, events, national policies, and reports. The League also publishes a quarterly magazine with breaking bicycle news, events, and developments.