Historically, cycling clubs have been an important element in Chicago’s bicycling community. When early cycling was primarily an elitist gentleman’s sport, membership in a fashionable cycle club was considered both a luxury and a symbol of status. Members paid exorbitant fees to access clubhouse amenities and wear prestigious riding uniforms. As the bicycle became more available to a greater number of people, membership in cycling clubs soared. By the end of the 19th century, 54 clubs claimed to have more than 10,000 members. Members of various clubs worked together to lobby for bicycle-friendly legislation, and soon became a powerful political force.

Today, cycling clubs can still be seen throughout the Chicago area. The majority of these clubs are volunteer organizations that coordinate a variety of rides and focus on introducing the cyclist to new rides, biking history, cycling advocacy, technology tips, discussion forums, and socialization with other cyclists.

The following is a list of websites for cycling clubs in Chicago and neighboring communities.

A statewide list of cycling clubs can be found on the Illinois Bicycle Club’s website: