Watch WTTW on your iPad or iPhone

Did you know that you can watch WTTW shows on the go? You can either watch as you explore Check, Please!Chicago TonightGeoffrey Baer, and more or you can watch with the PBS mobile app. It features over 1,000 videos, including national PBS and locally produced full-length episodes, segments, and previews with new content added daily.

How to get the Mobile App:

  1. Download PBS app: iPhone or iPad
  2. Once installed, open the app and click "TV Schedules" on the iPhone or "Select Station" on the iPad
  3. Enter the ZIP code where you watch WTTW on TV
  4. Select your Cable Provider or Over the Air
  5. Select WTTW as your station
  6. Click on the "Programs" icon
  7. Enjoy watching WTTW on your mobile device!

Get the iPhone app

Get the iPad app