Audio Tour: 10 Most Iconic Buildings along the Chicago Riverwalk

Explore the 10 most iconic buildings along the Chicago Riverwalk, with Geoffrey Baer as your guide.

How a Year in Space Affects the Human Body

Daniel Hautzinger
Astronaut Scott Kelly spent 340 days in space while his twin brother Mark stayed on Earth. Scientists are comparing the brothers to understand the effects of space on the human body. What have they learned? How do humans fare after a year in space?

Dreaming of a World's Fair

Daniel Hautzinger
The Joffrey Ballet's new Nutcracker is set at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago. How was the Joffrey's creative team inspired by the epochal World's Fair, and what aspects of the real-life Fair made it into their new production?

360 Video: The View From The Michigan Avenue Bridge | The Chicago River Tour with Geoffrey Baer

Geoffrey Baer shares the stories of the fur trader, the tycoon, the newspaperman, and just a few of the architects who have made this particular spot so quintessentially Chicago.

360 Video: The View From Wolf Point, Chicago’s Birthplace | The Chicago River Tour with Geoffrey Baer

Travel with Geoffrey Baer to the modern river junction that was the first economic and social hub of Chicago, back when it was just a little-known frontier town.

Six Ways You Can Help the Chicago River | The Chicago River Tour with Geoffrey Baer

The biggest obstacle to a cleaner river is us – the millions of humans who live along the river’s vast watershed. Here are some ways to make your impact a positive one.

'Poldark' Recap: Life is Short and Love is Long

Julia Maish
Morwenna's husband is abusive, Elizabeth's partner is shunning her, Demelza's spouse is difficult and secretive; the women of Poldark are cruelly treated. But Demelza begins to consider another option, and Morwenna's sister swoops in with a plan...

'The Durrells in Corfu' Recap: A Friendly Match

Daniel Hautzinger
A cricket match between the British and Greeks, despite Louisa's insistence that it's a show of comity between the cultures, becomes a competition between Spyros and Hugh. Donald tries to attract Margo by being exotic, while Larry tries to dump Vasilia.

The Forgotten Story of Illinois's Black World War I Regiment

Daniel Hautzinger
The 370th Infantry Regiment is one of only a handful of African American regiments that served in World War I and the only one commanded solely by black officers. Having fought for their country abroad, they returned home to fight for their rights.

Mike Leonard on Crossing the Divide

Daniel Hautzinger
In his work at the TODAY show, Mike Leonard says that "not one place I went to or person I met was what I thought it would be. So at a time when so many generalizations are being made about groups of people, it’s important to hear stories of people who aren’t being heard from.”


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