The Plaza de Cristo in Havana, Cuba. Photo: Brian Canelles

Take an Immersive Tour of Havana

Our expansive Weekend in Havana website lets you explore Cuba's unique capital city. Plan a trip with a guided tour of the must-see highlights. Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of Havana with 360 video. Explore the cars, cigars, cocktails, and dance of Cuba, and more.
The Experience with Dedry Jones.

"This Is What I Need to Do": The Experience with Dedry Jones

Dedry Jones loves music, but he's not a musician. He expresses his passion by talking about music, and he's quite the conversationalist. Learn how he began hosting an interview and performance series with the artists he thought people should know. He also shares his favorite performances.
Altar Set, Qing dynasty, Jiaqing reign mark and period. Photo: Courtesy of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Chinese Masterpieces at the Art Institute of Chicago

Tao Wang, head of Asian Art at the Art Institute of Chicago, reveals his favorite works in the museum's Chinese collection and the surprising stories behind them. He guides a tour through Chinese art history and discusses his upcoming large exhibition, his first since coming to the museum. 
Last Men in Aleppo. Photo: AMC 2017

Trying to Create Hope in Syria

Feras Fayyad's documentary Last Men in Aleppo follows the volunteer rescue workers known as White Helmets who rescue people from the rubble after bombings in Syria. "They must help themselves because nobody else will help them," Fayyad says. "They try to create hope."
A Capitol Fourth with fireworks. Photo: Capital Concerts/Keith Lamond via Shutterstock

Meet the Performers in 'A Capitol Fourth'

Now in its 37th year, A Capitol Fourth is an unmatched fireworks display and musical event. Meet some of the performers, from host John Stamos, who also appears with The Beach Boys, from comedy stalwarts The Blues Brothers to gospel star Yolanda Adams.
David Rudman on the set of 'Jack's Big Music Show.' Photo: Courtesy Spiffy Pictures

The Path to Becoming a Puppeteer on Children's Shows

David Rudman plays Cookie Monster on Sesame Street and has created numerous children's shows with his brother Adam and their production company. Hear the stories of David's obsession with puppets and the Rudmans' journey from short cartoons to full-length series.
Nature Cat. Image: Courtesy of Spiffy Pictures

The Story of 'Nature Cat'

The PBS Kids show Nature Cat is produced in a small office park in a Chicago suburb by the four-person team of Spiffy Pictures. Explore the process of creating an animated children's show - it involves Skype and comedians from Saturday Night Live - and learn about the origins of Nature Cat.
Printers Row Lit Fest: Rita Dove, Jason Wambsgans, Mary Schmich, Amy Dickinson, Michael Eric Dyson, Scott Simon, Gillian Flynn.

The Authors of Printers Row Lit Fest on WTTW

Sample some of the writers who will be appearing at Printers Row Lit Fest this weekend, through interviews on Chicago Tonight and My Chicago. Gillian Flynn, Rita Dove, Amy Dickinson, NPR's Scott Simon and more are all here!
Poet Gwendolyn Brooks.

From the Archive: Gwendolyn Brooks

June 7 marks the centenary of Gwendolyn Brooks. The renowned poet was the first black author to win the Pulitzer Prize and Poet Laureate of Illinois from 1968 until her death in 2000. Hear her read two of her poems in this WTTW program from 1966.
Jack White recording in 'The American Epic Sessions.' Photo: ©2017 Lo-Max Records Ltd.

The Performers in 'The American Epic Sessions'

In The American Epic Session you can see Taj Mahal, Jack White, Nas, Bettye LaVette, The Avett Brothers, Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard, and more record on equipment from the 1920s, with all its warmth and challenges. Meet some of the musicians here.
Bernard MacMahon interviewing Homesick James, Robert Lockwood Jr. and Honeyboy Edwards. Photo: ©2017 Lo-­‐Max Records Ltd.

A Love Letter to America: 'American Epic'

American Epic "is musical to tell this story of what’s wonderful about America because music is perhaps America’s greatest gift to the world," says filmmaker Bernard MacMahon. 
The original poster for 'Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi.'

From the Archive: A Review of 'Return of the Jedi'

40 years ago on May 25, the first Star Wars movie was released. Relive the excitement of the release of Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi through a 1983 review and interviews with the director and C-3PO on WTTW's Sneak Previews
Stephen Bannon. Photo: REUTERS/Win McNamee/Pool

"Confrontation and Chaos": Frontline's Michael Kirk on 'Bannon's War'

“I think Trump really likes the internal struggle between all of his people,” veteran Frontline producer Michael Kirk says. "I think the constant so far, that I’ve seen, is that this thing that we call Bannonism is alive and well."
Okeh engineers with the Western Electric recording machine, and director Bernard MacMahon and engineer Nicholas Bergh. Photos: Maida Vale Music (top); ©2017 Lo-­‐Max Records Ltd.(bottom)

America Hears Itself

In the 1920s, homegrown American musicians recorded songs that became foundational in the development of American music, from country to blues to Cajun.The filmmaker of American Epic discusses those musicians and his documentary.
Beitar Jerusalem fans. Photo: Haim Tzah

'Forever Pure:' The Nationalism of an Israeli Football Team

Forever Pure follows the story of Israel's most popular and controversial football team, the only club to never sign an Arab, when it signs two Muslim players from Chechnya. Filmmaker Maya Zinshtein discusses the documentary.
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