Inside the set of Mansion House on "Mercy Street." (Courtesy of PBS)

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During this week off from Mercy Street, before the finale of season two airs on Sunday, March 5 at 7:00 pm, catch up on everything we've posted about the gripping Civil War drama.
Albert embraces the future: he hunts with guns. (ITV Plc)

'Victoria' Recap: Full Speed Ahead

The palace is embracing change, as Victoria copes with a pregnancy, Albert and Sir Peel tout locomotives, and Francatelli and Skerrett innovate in the kitchen.
Jimmy Green plotting with the two Confederate henchmen. (Courtesy of PBS/Erik Heinila)

'Mercy Street' Recap: Suffer Me Not

Some people exploit the suffering of the war for their own advantage, while others strive only to alleviate pain and end the conflict. Where do the denizens of Alexandria fall?
Gary Cole plays James Green, Sr. in PBS's 'Mercy Street.' (Courtesy of PBS/Erik Heinila)

From Storefront Theater to PBS Drama: Gary Cole

Actor Gary Cole began his career in the small experimental theaters of Chicago, became famous for roles like the bureaucratic monster Bill Lumbergh, and now plays the patriarch of the Green family on Mercy Street.
Which Victoria character are you? (ITV Plc)

Which 'Victoria' Character Are You?

Upstairs or downstairs, loyal husband or charming playboy, no-nonsense house manager or complicated mother?
Victoria and Albert. (Courtesy of ITV Plc)

'Victoria' Recap: The Dinner Party

Folk contraceptive methods, forbidden romances, an outbreak of plague, squabbles over court hierarchy, noble oration: this episode's got it all. 
Chaplain Hopkins and Emma Green brave a battlefield to rescue wounded soldiers. (Courtesy of PBS/Erik Heinila)

'Mercy Street' Recap: Women at War

Being a decent person in this war is dangerous. Being a woman just adds to the difficulty, but the women of Alexandria don't let that stop them from helping their side.
Actress AnnaSophia Robb (Alice Green) with Co-Creator and Executive Producer Lisa Q. Wolfinger. (Courtesy of PBS/Erik Heinila)

"The Great Force of History": An Interview with a Creator of 'Mercy Street'

Lisa Q. Wolfinger, Co-Creator and Executive Producer of  Mercy Street, talks about the stories behind the series, the importance of history, and the difficulties of creating an elaborate period drama.
Prince Albert and Queen Victoria resplendent at their wedding. (ITV Plc)

'Victoria' Recap: Of Mistresses and Money

Victoria and Albert's relationship hits some bumps. Mainly because Albert doesn't want to be dependent on Victoria, and so demands a large allowance. It also doesn't help that Victoria is learning how many extramarital affairs occur at court.
Hannah James as Emma Green. (PBS/Erik Heinila)

'Mercy Street' Recap: Not to Yield

Changes of heart abound in this episode as characters are thrust into trying circumstances and witness events that cause them to begin to question their loyalties. 
Gloomy, self-serious Albert and delightful, fiery Victoria: seems like a perfect match. (ITV Plc)

'Victoria' Recap: The Romantic Age

Victoria and Albert are slowly overcoming their dislike of each other and growing closer. This episode is a literal bodice-ripper, a classic opposites-attract story. Too bad Albert is a bit of a prig-Victoria's word, not mine.
Major McBurney is rigidly insistent upon rules and regulations. (PBS/Erik Heinila)

'Mercy Street' Recap: Stand Up

The characters all take some decisive actions: Alice's rebel work embroils the entire Green family in a dire situation, and Jimmy takes charge; McBurney attempts to assert authority, but Jed stands up to him; Nurse Hastings sidles up to McBurney in order to gain more power in Mansion House; and Samuel makes a moral choice.
Alice Green, Jed Foster, and Jane Green. (PBS/Erik Heinila)

The Costumes of 'Mercy Street'

The costumes on Mercy Street are fantastic, with impressive attention to historical detail. Huge hoop skirts, silk dresses, and wool suits all give the eye a break from the gore of the surgeries at Mansion House. 
Victoria and Lord Melbourne are growing very close. (ITV Plc)

'Victoria' Recap: The Marriage Plot

Numerous suitors are competing for Victoria's attention, while various people at court-her uncles, Sir John, her mother-try to influence her towards one or another in order to gain more power. Victoria's relationship with Melbourne deepens and becomes more complex.
Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Nurse Mary Phinney. (PBS/Erik Heinila)

'Mercy Street' Recap: Love and War

Following Lincoln's visit to Mansion House, the hospital is full of new intrigue. The staff work to save Bullen while Frank works to hide evidence of his involvement in an assassination attempt-and that evidence includes the steward. 
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