Martha Stewart's soda bread

Martha Stewart's Irish Soda Bread

As you down Guinness and green-dyed beer this weekend in celebration of St. Patrick's Day on Saturday, you'll want a little something in your stomach to soak up all that liquid. Try Martha Stewart's recipe for traditional Irish Soda Bread.
Rick Bayless accepting the award for Outstanding Restaurant at the James Beard Awards in 2017. Photo: James Beard Foundation

Chicago's 2018 James Beard Finalists

Finalists for the James Beard Awards, often called the Oscars of the food world, have been announced, and Chicago has ten nominees up for prizes. Watch interviews and Check, Please! reviews, get recipes, and learn a bit about them here.
Key Lime Pie from Morton's The Steakhouse of Chicago

Morton's Key Lime Pie

Pi Day may be about the mathematical constant, but it's also the perfect excuse to enjoy some pie. Not that you need an excuse when you can whip up a key lime pie as easy and delicious as this one from the legendary Morton's of Chicago.
Martha Stewart's Scalloped Potatoes. Photo: Adrian Mueller

Martha Stewart's Scalloped Potatoes

It may be inching towards spring, but there's a still enough of a chill in the air to make you crave a warm, hearty dish like scalloped potatoes. Try Martha Stewart's delicious version here, courtesy of PBS Food.

Scalloped Potatoes

Makes 10 servings

Scones from The Great British Baking Show

Simple Scones from 'The Great British Baking Show'

It's the ideal afternoon treat, light breakfast, or not-too-sweet dessert: the humble English scone. Simple as they may be, they're often made badly, too dry or gummy to be enjoyable. Try this recipe from The Great British Baking Show instead.
Martha Stewart's Chocolate Ganache Tart

Martha Stewart's Chocolate Ganache Tart

Looking for a treat for Valentine's Day? Try this elegant and understated chocolate ganache tart from Martha Stewart. Today is Fat Tuesday, after all, so it's time to indulge.
Kopanisti red pepper dip

Simple, Wholesome New Year's Hors D'Oeuvres

Looking for some simple, healthier snacks for your New Year's Eve gathering? Try these three appetizers from Gaby Dalkin, courtesy of PBS Food. 

James Beard Winner Sarah Grueneberg of Monteverde restaurant, host of Dishalicious. Photo: Galdones Photography

Dishalicious: A Live Cooking Show with Chicago's Top Chefs

Dishalicious is a fast-paced, live demonstration cooking show and event featuring some of Chicago's top chefs that will be filmed live at WTTW. Meet the outstanding chefs taking part in three episodes, including the James Beard winning host Sarah Grueneberg.
An oxonian cocktail for the holidays. Photo:

Three Wintry Holiday Cocktails That Aren't Eggnog

While everyone drinks eggnog, spiked or not, at the holidays, there are a lot of other festive beverages out there. Try recipes for three unique options: a coffee-flavored one, a tropical drink, and a nutty, minty Christmas shot. 
Mary Berry's Christmas Trifle

A Christmas Trifle from Mary Berry

"Christmas is all about showing off," says Mary Berry. While this Christmas trifle isn't quite as elaborate as some of the things she and Paul Hollywood make in their Great British Baking Show Christmas Masterclass, it's still impressive, and delicious. 
Two latke recipes for Hanukkah

Two Latke Recipes for Hanukkah

Because Hanukkah commemorates a miracle in which a single day's supply of lamp oil lasted for eight days, fried foods are traditional for the holiday. And what's more ubiquitous than latkes? Try both a cheese version (the original), and a classic potato one.
Thanksgiving Leftovers Shepherd's Pie. Photo: Courtesy PBS Food

Thanksgiving Leftovers Shepherd's Pie

You survived making a delicious Thanksgiving meal, but what do you do now with the heaps of leftovers? Try repurposing your extra turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy in this homey, single skillet shepherd's pie. 
Thanksgiving Quiz: Turkey, Tofurky, Turducken, Pumpkin Pie, Cranberry Sauce

Turkeys, Tofurkys, and Turduckens: How Well Do You Know Thanksgiving Food?

How much do you know about turkeys, tofurkys, turduckens, and all the other dishes you only eat at Thanksgiving? 
Pan Dripping Turkey Gravy. Photo: Courtesy PBS Food

Thanksgiving Gravy from Your Turkey's Pan Drippings

If you're making an outstanding turkey, you don't want to waste any of that fantastic flavor that drips off into the pan. Instead, turn those rich drippings into gravy, using a broth made from the giblets and neck bone of your bird.
Citrus Dry-Brined Turkey. Photos: Courtesy PBS Food

Citrus Dry-Brined Turkey for Thanksgiving

Turkey is arguably the most difficult part of a Thanksgiving meal to make, especially if you brine it in a liquid salt mixture. Try this dry-brine recipe, which is easier to manage, less messy, and more effective. 
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