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The Edgewater Beach Hotel.
The Edgewater Beach Hotel played host to weddings, big bands, scandals, and celebrities like Nat King Cole and Bette Davis during its heyday. Experience some of the "Magic by the Lake" in this episode of Chicago Stories.
Toffee Apple Doughnuts on The Great British Baking Show.
Happy National Doughnut Day! Try a Showstopper recipe for Apple Toffee Doughnuts from season 1 of The Great British Baking Show, courtesy of Richard. 
A giant manta in Micronesia, in PBS's Big Pacific. Photo: Ernie Kovacs/NHNZ
China, Havana, the Pacific, Alaska - PBS explores them all during the Summer of Adventure. Take a sneak peek at the upcoming shows, which follow caribou in the Arctic Circle, a photographer's quest to document every species in captivity, and more.
James Beard, Julia Child ,Jacques Pépin, and Alice Waters
American Masters Chef's Flight is over, but you can still stream the documentaries and catch up on our posts with recipes, interviews, features and more about these four icons of American cuisine.
A damaged pipe in Flint, Michigan. Photo: Caitlin Saks/WGBH
NOVA: Poisoned Water investigates what caused the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. "Our water infrastructure is more fragile and more vulnerable than we realize,” says filmmaker Llewellyn Smith. 
Bernard MacMahon interviewing Homesick James, Robert Lockwood Jr. and Honeyboy Edwards. Photo: ©2017 Lo-­‐Max Records Ltd.
American Epic "is musical to tell this story of what’s wonderful about America because music is perhaps America’s greatest gift to the world," says filmmaker Bernard MacMahon. 
President John F. Kennedy.
Today is John F. Kennedy's centenary. 34 years ago, WTTW's John Callaway hosted a discussion on the legacy of the 35th president of the United States on the twentieth anniversary of his assassination. 
Soldiers on a search and destroy operation near Qui Nhon. January 17, 1967. Photo: Bettmann/Getty Images
In 1984, WTTW hosted a discussion of the Vietnam War with a group of veterans and four Steppenwolf Theatre actors playing soldiers onstage, including Gary Sinise. Revisit it here.
Chicago's 1933 World's Fair

84 years ago today, in the midst of the Great Depression, Chicago opened an extravagant World's Fair.

Jacques Pépin and his best friend Jean-Claude Szurdak. Photo: Eugene Cook
"It was another world," Pépin says of the American culinary scene when he first arrived here in 1959. “The cook used to be at the bottom of the social scale. Now we are genius.” 
The original poster for 'Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi.'
40 years ago on May 25, the first Star Wars movie was released. Relive the excitement of the release of Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi through a 1983 review and interviews with the director and C-3PO on WTTW's Sneak Previews
Alice Waters. Photo: Courtesy Amanda Marsalis
On Friday, May 26 at 10:00 pm, enjoy an American Masters film about Alice Waters, preceded by the premiere of Jacques Pépin: The Art of Craft at 9:00 pm. Try some of Waters's fresh, ingredient-focused recipes here.
Stephen Bannon. Photo: REUTERS/Win McNamee/Pool
“I think Trump really likes the internal struggle between all of his people,” veteran Frontline producer Michael Kirk says. "I think the constant so far, that I’ve seen, is that this thing that we call Bannonism is alive and well."
Sister Winifred, Nurse Crane, and Valerie Dyer in 'Call the Midwife.' Photo: Neal Street Productions 2016
In this season's finale of Call the Midwife, four characters encounter major turning points in life: marriage, birth, menopause, and the decision to have no more children. 
Jacques Pépin and Julia Child, c. 1980s. Photo: Courtesy Jacques Pépin
In a 1978 interview with WTTW's John Callaway, Julia Child discusses food snobs, nutrition freaks, and children in the kitchen. "My point is to make cooking easy for people so that they can enjoy it and do it, rather than making it a kind of art for the 'we happy few,'" she says.