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Hear the stories behind the faces featured in Retirement Revolution Series®.

Joel & Robin Hasslen
Putting Themselves To Pasture
Instead of moving to a condo on the beach, these pioneers are readying to retire to their farm, where they'll live off their own gardens and livestock.

Vincent Hayes
Paying it Forward
A former Social Security Administration employee is enjoying an encore career as a teacher and counselor.

Robert & Rhonda Kamphey
Starting Again at 65
Having lost their business and home, this couple is searching for jobs when they thought they would be retiring.

Machiel & Eileen Birkhoff
A Mighty Rainy Day
Hurricane Katrina and a series of tragedies knocked this couple off their feet. See how they're getting back up.

Rob & Kelly Seiler
34 and Thinking of Retirement
For this young couple, saving not only helps them achieve their financial goals; it makes for a better marriage.

Bernard & Sandra Yoder
Working for Play Money
Retiree Bernie Yoder delivers other people's recreational vehicles – so he can enjoy recreation of his own.

Jan Pena-Davis
Listen Up, Ladies
A Chicago teacher feels the consequences of multiple pension withdrawals.

Bobby Dougherty
Annuities Save the Day
Even though she got her first job in her forties, she's comfortably retired – thanks to annuities.
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