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Retirement in America is undergoing a revolutionary transformation. When our grandparents and parents retired, they could usually count on a handsome company pension, as well as Society Security and other benefits. Today, few workers in the private sector will enjoy a company pension. And today, Social Security and Medicare face growing funding issues. Americans are being told – every day and in increasing numbers – that they have the sole responsibility for producing income for themselves for a much longer span of retirement time.

Retirement Revolution Series®, hosted by broadcast journalist Paula Zahn, is a two-part documentary that explores the challenges and opportunities of the 78 million Baby Boomers who are heading into retirement. As the first wave turns 65 next year, they're changing America's ideas about what it means to grow old and what it means to retire. Sixty-five is the new "middle age." Retirement may mean a new career instead of the golf course.

Retirement Revolution Series® offers practical considerations that can help ensure a retirement on one's own terms, even in a risky world where Medicare and private pensions are facing real problems. With everyday stories placed in context of experts' perspectives, Retirement Revolution Series® alleviates anxieties, inspires confidence, and creates change where the ways of the past simply won't be enough.

Among revolutionary discoveries: how even late starters can save enough to supplement their Social Security income; how to turn home equity into old-age income; how to ensure a secure old age with new retirement investment products like annuities that begin at age 85; the joys of encore careers begun after age 50; how Social Security can be secured for another 50 years; and the remarkable compassion and help that the new "old people" are providing to the rest of society.

Retirement Revolution Series® is a Co-Production of James L. Schlagheck & WTTW National Productions

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