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This two-part documentary series should be part of any DVD collection. Eliminating fear, offering hope, and affirming that it's never too late to begin preparation for retirement, Retirement Revolution Series® will give you the tools you need to start now or continue on the successful path you may already be started on.

Part one, Hazards and Vicissitudes, illustrates the origins of retirement and how it has evolved over the past several decades, from the Depression era, the birth of Social Security and Medicare to today's climate of economic uncertainty and what it means for baby boomers' financial futures.

Part two, On Our Own, continues to explore the challenges baby boomers face today and helps viewers assume personal responsibility so they will be able to plan for retirement on their own terms.

> Purchase the Retirement Revolution Series® DVD (120 mins) > Purchase the companion book, Cash-Rich Retirement: Use the Investing Techniques of the Mega-Wealthy to Secure Your Retirement Future by Jim Schlagheck

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