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Community Advisory Board Survey

Community Advisory Board Survey

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Each year the CAB sends out a survey to the pubic in WTTW’s viewing area for the purpose of providing feedback to WTTW management. The CAB has traditionally looked for feedback from both viewers and non-viewers. This year’s survey has been updated and it is available for the next three weeks, November 17th to December 19th.

Take the Survey

Please ask your family, friends, acquaintances, social networks, and other contacts to respond to the 15 questions in the survey. It will take 8-10 minutes to complete, and potentially longer if someone wishes to provide in-depth comments. The survey is based on multiple choice answers and includes the option for comments.

One thing you can tell those participate in the survey is that responses are reviewed by the CAB, by WTTW management, and the Board of Trustees. In this survey, opinions are heard!

To have a strong sampling of opinions, we would like to have at least 200 responses. If each CAB member finds 10 – 15 people to respond to the survey, we would meet our goal!

On behalf of the Community Engagement Committee, I want to thank you for your efforts with this important outreach project.

Warm Regards,
Sharon Meroni
Community Engagement - Chairperson