The Artist Toolbox


The Artist Toolbox, an exciting new series on WTTW11, showcases the leading visual and performing artists in America. In each of 13 half-hour episodes, host John Jacobsen takes viewers into the artists’ homes, their studios and places of work, and accompanies them on walks through their neighborhood to bring us into the world of each master talent. Hear the artists discuss, in one-on-one personal terms, the challenges, passions and bliss involved in creating great art. 

Host John Jacobsen reveals a charming talent for coaxing engaging insights and candor from his guests as he travels across the country to meet the artists in their homes and studios in cities like Chicago; Los Angeles; Marin, CA; New York City; Seattle and Washington, DC. We are able to meet the artists we have always wanted to spend time with -- each working in a different medium -- and have them to ourselves for half an hour.

In this first season, John and The Artist Toolbox join inspiring creative masters including:

  • David Garrett
  • Isabel Allende
  • John Legend
  • Isabel and Ruben Toledo
  • Tom Skerritt
  • Zang Toi
  • Sam Gilliam
  • Massimo and Lella Vignelli
  • Hugh Newell Jacobsen
  • Irina Dvorovenko and Maxim Beloserkovsky
  • Daniel Boulud
  • Ramsey Lewis
  • Jason Alexander

The Artist Toolbox enables us to experience the artists' life journey, hear what inspires them, and learn their secret formulas for what it takes to create great art. For more information about each episode, please visit

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