The Horsemen Cometh

The World's Only P-51 Mustang Formation Aerobatic Team

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The Horsemen Cometh

There is only one "Cadillac of the Sky," the iconic fighter of WWII, the legendary P-51 Mustang. Since that time no one has attempted to harness the grace and power of these wild stallions and ride them locked in step as a formation aerobatic team... until now.

For the past 2 years, the world's most respected aviation storytellers,, has followed the journey of three renowned air show pilots as they attempt to tame the mighty "Stang" and showcase its historic heritage at air shows around the world. Now, this 1-hour Public TV special, shot in stunning, never before captured, HD photography, THE HORSEMEN COMETH pulls you behind the scenes, throws you in the cockpit and propels you into the skies. You’ll hurtle 400 mph straight to the ground in a wild heart pounding ride of risk and reward. Besides the incredible flight segments, the documentary goes behind-the-scenes with the pilots, some WWII veterans who flew the Mustangs during the war and with James Horner, the award-winning composer who wrote the score for this special. Fly with "The Horsemen" and discover for yourself why they say the Mustang is the "ultimate skeleton key that opens all doors to life’s adventure."


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