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Documentary Credits

Narrated and Written By
Geoffrey Baer

Produced By
Eddie Griffin

Aerial Director of Photography
Colin Hinkle

Soaring Badger Productions
Nick Blaising
Jake Sloan
Kyle Werner
Jason Price
Michael Franck

Edited By
Paul Thornton

Associate Producer
Lauren R. Drell

Original Music
John Keltonic

Post Production Supervisor
Mark Anderson

Art Director
Linda Fox

Graphic Design
Reed Marvine
Mike Bania

Metcalf Fellow
Myles Hudson

Narration Recording
Barbara Allen
Tim Jackson

Marketing & Communications
Anne Gleason
Julia Maish

Creative Services
Colleen Finn
Nina Cornell

Executive Producer
Geoffrey Baer

Website Credits

Content Producer/Editor
Meredith Francis

Content Producer
Daniel Hautzinger

Justin Henderson

Justin Henderson
Kevin Crowley
Mike Scipioni

Video Editor
Wayne Kumingo

Video Camera
Edwin Diaz

Michelle McKenzie-Voigt

Executive Producer
Anne Gleason