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Dan Protess

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When architect Michelle Kaufmann started designing this stylish, sustainable home for herself and her husband in Marin County, California, her envious friends starting asking how they could have modern, green homes of their own. Michelle recognized a growing demand, and came up with a surprising solution: she bought a factory where she could mass-produce affordable, energy-efficient homes, using sustainable materials.

That was in 2002. A dozen years later, her designs have been built all over the country, and the so-called "prefab green" movement has taken off. Homebuilders are discovering that factory production allows them to produce housing faster and cheaper, with far less waste. This story brings “10 Homes that Changed America” into the present, and looks to the future.

While we were in the Bay Area, we sat down with Oakland-based landscape architect Walter Hood for our very first interview for “10 Parks that Changed America”. Walter has a deep understanding of the history of the nation’s city parks, and how our parks have evolved over time to fulfill various social functions. He got us very excited about this episode!