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Dan Protess

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Everything about this house is dramatic: a gothic castle perched high above the Hudson River north of New York City, filled with ornate gothic furniture and one-of-a-kind art and antiques. Lyndhurst was designed for former New York Mayor William Paulding by 19th Century “starchitect” Andrew Jackson Davis, who in this case eschewed the proscribed, symmetrical geometries of the Greek Revival style, which was so popular at the time. Instead, Davis felt that a home should be uniquely suited to its site, and its owner. Lyndhurst's rambling, gothic lines mirrored the Hudson River's rolling hills and craggy cliffs, and projected Paulding’s image as a studious, well-heeled socialite. Inside, the home’s many amenities were suited to Paulding's particular wants and needs: including a covered porch, ensuite bathrooms, radiator heating, and a library—all relative novelties when the house was designed in 1838.

Lyndhurst looks like a movie set, and for three days it was our movie set, which Geoffrey explored with Lyndhurst’s Executive Director, Howard Zar.