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Bontempi Credits

Producer & Writer
Daniel Andries

Host & Writer
Geoffrey Baer

Director of Photography
Tim Boyd

Paul Thornton

Soundtrack Composed & Performed by
Nicholas Tremulis

Soundtrack Produced & Engineered by
Rick Barnes & Andy Shoemaker

Associate Producer
Liz Reeves

Production Intern
Yana Kirichkova

Pre-Production Associate Producer
Angela Antkowiak

Location Translator
Jay Pridmore

Art Director
Linda Fox

Graphic Designer
Philip Campbell

Website Producer
Margaret Newman

Website Design & Development
Kevin Crowley
Jenny Macchione
Brent Seehafer

Marc Hoppe

Additional Camera
Daniel Andries
Matthew Howe

Jesse Morgan
Riccardo Samori

Senior VP, Marketing & Interactive Media
Anne Gleason

Field Engineer in Charge
Dave Moyer

Post Production Engineer in Charge
Don DeMartini

Facilities Manager
Michelle McKenzie-Voigt

Media Manager
Barry Blue

Julia Maish

Still Photographer
Mauro Davoli

Eshed Halpern
Jerry Glover

Archival Materials
Adam Architecture
Adolfo Natalini/Archivio Superstudio
Archives d’Architecture Moderne
Archivio Franco Maria Ricci
Pier Carlo Bontempi
Alan Capps
John Critchley
Duchy of Cornwall
©F1online digitale Bildagentur GmbH / Alamy
Maurice Culot
Léon Krier
Ministry of Cultural Heritage & Activities and of Tourism – Superintendent of Historical, Artistic & Ethno-Anthropological Heritage of Parma & Piacenza
National Archives
©Jack Sullivan/Alamy
Chris Vile

Archival Music
Overture to “La Traviata”
Written by Giuseppe Verdi, Arranged by Jim Long
Courtesy of Crucial Music Corporation and Point Classics

Additional Footage
Critical Past
©Fotosearch Footage
©dream one
©Rick Ray
©Rekindle Photo and Video
©Martin Darrah

Special Thanks
Francois Aireaudeau
Alessandro Mendini/Atelier Mendini
Antonio Alcalá /Studio A, Inc.
Austin, Isabella and Elliot
Sue Beaumont
Nicola Bergamaschi
Alan Brunettin
Laura Casalis
Matteo Casola
Maria Cristina Celato
Adele Chatfield-Taylor
Stuart Cohen
Maurice Culot
Enea and Paolo
Massimo Gandini
Guillermo Hevia Garcia
Paul Goldberger
Graham Resource Center, Illinois Institute of Technology
Giuseppe Greci
Doug Haight
Adam Heet
Amelia Kohm
Léon Krier
Anne Lauwers
George Mattheson
Adolfo Natalini
Anne Northrup
Fabio Paoletti
Jennifer Parker
Paolo Portoghesi
Dan Protess
Franco Maria Ricci
Bernard Durand-Rival
Sophie and Francie
Kimberly Soss
Irene P. Stillman
Stanley Tigerman
Taber Wayne
Joe Zattere
Massimo Zileri
Annarita Ziveri
Albert Delacoma

Executive Producer
V.J. McAleer
Dan Soles

A Production of 
WTTW Chicago
©MMXIV All Rights Reserved