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Architects Marc & Nada Breitman | Credits

Architects Marc & Nada Breitman | Credits


Daniel Andries
Liz Reeves

Geoffrey Baer

Daniel Andries
Geoffrey Baer
Liz Reeves

Director of Photography
Tim Boyd

Paul Thornton

Marcus Rebscher
Jeroen Wisse

Wouter Van Opdorp Geluid
Roland Venner

Soundtrack Composition & Performance
Nicholas Tremulis

Music Mixing
Rick Barnes

Soundtrack recorded by
Andy Shoemaker
Rax Trax Recording Studios

Additional Musicians
James Perkins, Jr.
Rafe Bradford
Larry Beers

Victor Borjat
Peter Gest

Scott Blair
Jacob Cigainero

Production Interns
Grace So
AJ Williams

Frédéric Achdou

Art Director
Linda Fox

Graphic Designer
Reed Marvine
Stefanie Kljucaric

Website Content Producer
Daniel Hautzinger

Website Design & Development
Kevin Crowley
Jenny Macchione

Senior Vice President of Marketing & Digital Media
Anne Gleason

Field Engineer in Charge
Dave Moyer

Post Production Engineer in Charge
Mark Anderson

Post Production Supervisor
Mark Anderson

Manager, Production Scheduling
Michelle McKenzie-Voigt

Media Manager
Barry Blue

Engineering Support
Juan Carranza

Julia Maish

Eshed Halpern

Archival Materials
Amsterdam City Archives
Archives d’Architecture Moderne, Brussels
Breitman & Breitman
Nada Breitman-Jakov
Marc Breitman
Centre Historique Miniers
Commune of Chaville
Maurice Culot
Rob Krier
L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui
Ville du Plessis-Robinson, archives municipales

Additional Footage
Critical Past
Rick Steves’ Europe
VPRO Television, The Netherlands

Special Thanks
Elliot Andries
Eleanor Beardsley
Harry van Biessum
Nathan Breitman
Marie-Christine Chamley
City of Amsterdam
City of Bruay-la-Buissière
City of Chaville
City of Courrières
City of Liévin
City of Le Plessis-Robinson
Yen Dinh
Doug Haight
Franny Haight
Sophie Haight
Godfried Hartkamp
Hotel Not Hotel & the Kevin Bacon Bar
Amelia Kohm
Vincent Le Gall
Virginie Malolepszy
Mike McKee
Beth Murnane
Anne Northrup
Quincy Northrup
José Miranda Oliviera
Benoît Petit
Christophe Pilch
Philippe Pignon
Annabella Planchais
Jessica Pupovac
Alexandra Richter
Johanna Saint Leger
Keith Surridge
Bao To
Marco Vara
Mathilde Weill
Zen Wolfang


Émile Zola

Executive Producer
Dan Soles

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