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Video | Jane Byrne | Chicago Stories

Chicago Stories: Jane Byrne — Full Episode

Chicago Stories remembers the city’s first female mayor, Jane Byrne.

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Chicago Stories: Jane Byrne

As a woman once again occupies the fifth floor of City Hall, Chicago Stories remembers the city’s first female mayor. After pulling off one of Chicago’s greatest political upsets, Jane Byrne found herself caught between the political machine that shaped her and the reformers who elected her.

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Extended Interview: David Axelrod on Jane Byrne’s Campaign

David Axelrod, who was a reporter for the Chicago Tribune at the time, reflects on Jane Byrne’s first mayoral campaign.

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“Anything Goes”: Arts and Culture in Jane Byrne’s Chicago

From welcoming the film industry to Chicago, to city and neighborhood festivals, Jane Byrne had a big impact on Chicago’s arts and culture scene.

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