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Chicago Stories: Our Soldiers, Our Lady of Guadalupe

Documentary Credits

Produced by
Edgar Vargas

Executive Producer
Dan Protess

Written by
Ray Santisteban
Edgar Vargas

Katerina Simic

Director of Photography
Tim Boyd

Associate Producer
Mizani Ball

Anthony Fleming III

Voiceover Actors
Sean Kenin Elias-Reyes
Marco Antonio Rodriguez

Original Score by
Son Monarcas

Mercedes Inez Martinez
Irekani Ferreyra

Performed by
Mercedes Inez Martinez
Irekani Ferreyra
Bryan Pardo

Music Supervisor
Allie N Steve Mullen

Casey Stockdon

Art Director
Linda Fox

Graphic Designer
Mike Bania

Additional Photography
Felix Mendez
Damon Ranger
Charlie Seligman
Brian Wingert

Richard Lanza
Patrick Lenehan
Evan Metz
Tom Nizinski

Engineering Support
Barry Blue
Juan A. Carranza
Gabriel Irimia
Dave Moyer

Online Editor
Paul Thornton

Re-Recording Mixer
Shawn Duffy

Post-Production Engineer in Charge
Mark Anderson

Unit Production Manager
Daniel Andries

Unit Production Coordinator
Yasmin Rammohan

VP, Original Content Production
Geoffrey Baer

Website Credits

Content Writer and Producer
Meredith Francis

Website Design
Justin Henderson

Website Development/Production
Justin Henderson
Kevin Crowley
Mike Scipioni
Jenny Macchione

Video Extra Producer
Meredith Francis

Video Extra Narrator
Anthony Flemming III

Video Extra Editor
Wayne Kumingo

Michelle McKenzie-Voigt

Executive Producer
Anne Gleason