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Downton Abbey: Season 5

Downton Abbey: Season 5

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Season 5 kicks off in 1924. The United Kingdom has its first Labor Party prime minister. The radio is the latest miracle of the age. And Downton's traditional ways are besieged on all fronts. This season will follow plot threads left dangling from last season, including Lady Mary's courtship contest, Lady Edith's trials as a secret single mom, Thomas' scheming against Bates, Robert's battles against modernity, Tom's quest to be true to his ideals, Violet's one-line zingers, and much more.


Lady Mary

GALLERY: Lady Mary Through the Seasons

Before Downton Abbey Season 5 premieres, look back at Lady Mary as she transforms from corseted Edwardian youth to fashion-forward woman.


Lady Grantham

QUIZ: Downton Abbey's Maggie Smith

You adore her as the Dowager Countess, but what do you know about actress Maggie Smith?


Lady Mary and baby

CATCH UP: Lady Mary in Her Own Words

With a rich deep voice and an arched eyebrow, Lady Mary takes her family to task and brings men to their knees with her mots justes. See her most memorable quotes.


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