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WTTW Kids Learn & Play: Simon Says

WTTW Kids Learn & Play: Keep Trying!


Thu, September 16, 2021
10:30 am


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WTTW Kids Learn & Play is a series of participatory learning experiences that guide preschool students in developing skills in social-emotional development, math, and language and literacy.

Utilizing WTTW Kids programming, along with activities and games, Miguel engages children in order to reinforce knowledge and skill development. Lessons encourage movement, communication, and fun.

Join us for this week’s lesson: Keep Trying! This activity offers students a fun and safe way to practice trial and error. Through a simple game, students will not only be given the opportunity to do better a second time, but to also discuss the challenges they may have faced.

This event is free, but RSVP below is required.

Funding made possible by: ALDI, Physicians Immediate Care, and EON Clinics

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