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Video | Firsthand: Gun Violence




Reality Part 1

A shooting rocks Reality’s neighborhood.

Reality Part 2

Reality’s participants grapple with homelessness.

Reality Part 3

What does the future hold for Reality and his participants?


Julie Part 1

Julie’s son veers tragically off-course.

Julie Part 2

Julie discovers her true calling in life.

Julie Part 3

The Supreme Court changes everything for the Andersons.


Jsaron Part 1

A gunshot wound upends Jsaron’s life.

Jsaron Part 2

A gun charge threatens to put Jsaron behind bars.

Jsaron Part 3

Jsaron goes missing.


India Part 1

India reveals to her classmates that she’s suffering from PTSD.

India Part 2

Prom and graduation prove bittersweet as India recalls violence in her life.

India Part 3

As India heads to college, her mom makes a revelation.


Noemi Part 1

15 years after losing her son, Noemi helps other survivors.

Noemi Part 2

Noemi experiences the stresses and dangers of her job.

Noemi Part 3

Noemi has questions for her son’s killer.


Eddie Bocanegra
Creating Space Between Impulse and Action

Eddie Bocanegra explains the effectiveness of dealing with the trauma of gun violence through cognitive behavioral therapy and collaboration.

Lisa Daniels
Healing is in Our Stories

Lisa Daniels, who lost a son to gun violence, explains how she was able to forgive the man who killed him.

Sgt Jermaine Harris
Ask Why

Jermaine Harris explores the vital role police officers can play in their communities and how listening can prevent violence from happening in the first place.

Dr. Cristina Pacione-Zayas
And How are the Children

Cristina Pacione-Zayas talks about how toxic stress can adversely affect a child’s development and how community support can be a game changer.

Andrew Papachristos
A Handshake Away

Chicago’s gun violence epidemic is tragic, but not random. Andrew Papachristos explains how the connected nature of cities and science can predict the next likely shooting victim.