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We are proud to celebrate our circle of donors and the many ways they have given to this capacity-building endeavor and its special projects, including multi-year gifts, bequest intentions and planned gifts, underwriting, sponsorships, and in-kind gifts. The following honor roll is as of October 18, 2018.

Please check back soon, our honor roll is growing!

Honor Roll

$2,000,000 and above

BMG Rights Management

The Crown Family*

The Grainger Foundation

Sylvia C. and Arthur Heim and Family

Alexandra C.* and John D. Nichols

Van Eekeren Family,
Founders of Land O’Frost*

$1,000,000 to $1,999,999

The Davee Foundation

Richard*^ and Mary L. Gray

J. Thomas Hurvis and Caerus Foundation, Inc.*

Dr. John G. Lease

Fay and Daniel Levin*

Microsoft Corporation

The Negaunee Foundation*

Robert and Patricia Sypniewski
Charitable Endowment Fund

$500,000 to $999,999


American Medical Association

Mr.* and Mrs. William Gardner Brown

The Joseph & Bessie Feinberg Foundation*

The Hamill Family Foundation

Library of Congress

Pritzker Military Museum & Library

The Segal Family Foundation*

$250,000 to $499,999


Mr.* and Mrs. Norman R. Bobins,
The Robert Thomas Bobins Foundation

Mr.* and Mrs. John Brennan

Capri Sun

Joan and Robert* Clifford

Michelle L. Collins

Jack and Sandra* Guthman

Irving Harris Foundation

The Walter E. Heller Foundation
in memory of Alyce DeCosta

Mr.* and Mrs. Martin J. Koldyke

Jim* and Kay Mabie

Kara May Charitable Endowment Fund

Rande and Cary* McMillan

National Endowment for the Humanities:
Exploring the human endeavor

Grace A. Peskie

Polk Bros. Foundation

Sage Foundation

United Healthcare

The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations

$100,000 to $249,999

Anonymous (2)

Joel Friedman, President, Alvin H. Baum Family Fund

Bobolink Foundation

The Buchanan Family Foundation

Susan and Leonard Feinstein Foundation

Marshall B.* and Laura D. Front

William B. Hinchliff

MB Financial, Inc.*

Judy and John* McCarter

Judy and Scott McCue

Newt* and Jo Minow

Elizabeth Morse Genius Charitable Trust

Northern Trust*

Dan and Julie Schmidt

Shure Incorporated

Robert S.* and Sandra G. Silver

The William & Phyllis Mack Family Foundation

Roy J. Zuckerburg Family Foundation

David* and Connie Zyer

$50,000 to $99,999

Anonymous (4)

Charles Allen and Deborah Sherrock

Caroline and John* Ballantine

David and Luann Blowers Charitable Trust*

Greg Cameron and Greg Thompson

Elizabeth F. Cheney Foundation

Denny* and Sandy Cummings

Maxine P. and W. James Farrell

Mary and Mark* Hoppe Family

Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation

Studs Terkel Radio Archive Kickstarter Donors

Sheldon H. Marcus

Debbie and Reese Marcusson

Sonia T. Marschak

Peoples Gas

Primary Care Progress

Dr. Scholl Foundation

Bob and Linda Sullivan

Matt and Joyce Walsh

Mr.* and Mrs. James H. Wooten, Jr.

Elizabeth Yntema* and Mark Ferguson

$25,000 to $49,999


Allstate Insurance Company*

Linda Ballou and Jeffrey Fahrenwald

BMO Harris Bank*

Braeside Foundation

Jill Britton and Henry Borczyk

Mr.* and Mrs. Alan A. Brown

Mr. James D. Firth*

Adele and Marvin* Goldsmith

Mr.* and Mrs. Michael Gonzalez

Chet Gougis and Shelley Ochab

Robert* and Danielle Hamada

Harvard Medical School Center

Daniel J. Hyman*,
Millennium Properties R/E

Mrs. Loretta N. Julian*

The Becca Kopf Memorial Education Fund, established by Dan, Sara, Nancy and Ed Kopf

Judy Lyzak M.D., MBA

Jane and Peter* McNitt

Mr. Kevin Newell

Tom and Heidi O'Toole

Mark* and Lisa Pinsky

Peter* and Alicia Pond

Katie* and Patrick Rooney


Susan Stone and Jonathan Kahn

Gary Walther

Robert J.* and Roberta L. Washlow

$10,000 to $24,999

Anonymous (2)

Duffie A. Adelson

Valerie* and Mike Alexander

Robert H. Baum*

Nancy Clark

Lew Collens*

Deborah DeHaas* and David Underwood

The Howard & Ursula Dubin Foundation*

Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Field V

Teri* and Chuck Frankiewicz

Colleen and Lloyd Fry and the Lloyd A. Fry Foundation

Henry and Frances Fogel

Mr. Graham C. Grady*

David and Tina Herpe

Colonel Stanley R. McNeil Foundation,
Bank of America, N.A., Trustee

Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. McCaskey

Joan and Paul Rubschlager

David Schwimmer

David Snyder* and Peggy Salamon

Steve and Delores Sarovich Foundation

Laura and Bob Watson,
in memory of Charles Benton

Additional Gifts

Anonymous (8)

Anonymous Volunteer

Chris* and Martha Abbinante

Arthur H. Anderson, Jr.,
Howard L. Willett Foundation

Nathan Armstrong and Dana Crawford

Mr. David Attis

Geoffrey Baer and Amelia Kohm

Robert J. Baker

Leonard and Phyllis Berlin

Patrick J. Bitterman

Juliette Buford

Stephen H. and Virginia Carr

James A. and Ann B. Casey

Lauren E. Chan

Ms. Sara Chapman

Marie Considine

Auley M. Crouch III

Lauren Davis

Bridget Dehl and Gary Gulley

Emily Dehm

Daniel and Julie Dillon

Victoria* and Barnaby Dinges

Mercedes Dinzey

Cara Donley

Mr. Dan Dresner

Keira Dubowsky

Ellen Fogelman

Mr. David S. Fox

Louise B. Frank

Brandis Friedman

Robert Gecht

Anne Gleason

Mr. Jerry Glover

Erica Goodman

Paul Gosiewski

Paul and De Gray

Mr. and Mrs. David Grumhaus

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Hagenah

Charity Haines

Martin Halacy

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Hammond II

Ami and David Handler

Lawrence and Camille Hanson

Nancy and Thomas Hanson

Carmelita Harris

Margaret S. Hart

James R. and Paula Hellige

Richard Hess and Virginia Cabasa-Hess

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Heurich

Mr. Leigh Hill

Kathryn and Bruce Hoffman

Mr. and Mrs. Joel H. Jastromb

Michael and Kathy Kielar

Kathleen Kirn and David Levinson

Arnold and Rebecca Klein

The Morris and Dolores Kohl Kaplan Fund of
The Dolores Kohl Education Foundation

James P. Kratz

Paul Lehman and Ronna Stamm

Kandace* and Eugene Lenti

Megan Lieberman

Jim and SuAnne Lopata

The Lukasik Family*

Mrs. Mary Lou Lyons

Jenny and Jim Macchione

Lauren K. MacDonald

Julia Maish

Greg and Judy Mangialardi

Mr. David Marks

Ms. Carolyn Meyer and Mr. Michael Prussian

Sandra* and Marc Micek

Mr. and Mrs. Judson Miner

Tom and Christine Moldauer

Ms. Barbara Molotsky

Maggie Ness

Ms. Ruth Nielsen and Mr. Eric Nielsen

Mary O'Neill Coughlan

Ms. Christina Pagones

Roxelyn and Richard S. Pepper

Mr. Michael F. Petersen

Michael S. Pettersen and Jamie Aramini

Phil Ponce

Mr. Julian G. Posada*

Ms. Rebecca C. Preston

Ms. D. Elizabeth Price

Ms. Barbara G. Proctor*

Mr. Michael A. Pucker and Mrs. Gigi Pritzker Pucker

Brent Radomski

Magda Rauscher

Ms. Karen L. Rigotti

Mr. Jairus R. and Mrs. Regina C. Roallos

Mary Ann and James Sisco

Norman J. Sloan

Karina R. Smith

Sandy Spiegel

Ms. Linda D. Stern

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Stoner Saunders

Kathryn Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. James Tichy

Shawn and Kristin* Vogen

Mrs. Renee Weingard,
in memory of Marvin Weingard

Grace and Chris Winston

Jane Zaug

Roger Zmrhal

* Trustee/Trustee affiliated organization | ^ Deceased