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When Paul Beaty saw two framed works of art at a Salvation Army store he knew they were likely to be valuable.  But he had no idea just how valuable they were.
In 1987, in the middle of Doctor Who, a guy in a Max Headroom mask pirated the WTTW broadcast signal.  Who did it and how?
In 1915, 850 people died when the SS Eastland sank in the Chicago River.  An "augmented reality" app called Chicago00, from the Chicago History Museum puts you there.  The app will also take you to the 1968 Democratic National Convention, the St. Valentine's Day massacre and the 1933 World's Fair.
Behind the scenes at factories that make tortillas and pita bread.
A Chicago hot dog must have a poppy seed bun.  An Italian beef needs a sturdier roll to handle the juice.  Behind the scenes at S. Rosen and Gonnella.
As Chicago hot dog maker Vienna Beef turns 125, a peak behind the curtain.
Got rats?  Get a colony of feral cats.
Why do we love Zambonis?
A tunnel that holds 2.3 billion gallons of water. A reservoir you can fill with 7.9 billion. Going inside this thing was amazing. 
Want to know about the first automatic hamburger machine, the “Hollymatic?” Just ask a guy they call Bobby the Burger. His grandfather invented it. 
Arturo Venegas was an immigrant teen when he started working in a Kosher fish market. Now he owns it, thanks to his old boss Robert Schuffler.
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