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Alzheimer's patients mentor medical students.
From racist skinhead leader to anti-racism activist.
Middle school kids learn from a top chef.
Goats join chickens and ducks in a Chicago backyard.
Food Carts for Employment and Fresh Produce
Expectations were pretty low for Seth Goldberg. His parents didn't agree. Neither did Peter Paul and Mary - and Josh Groban.
Working Bikes keeps thousands of bikes out of landfills and sends them overseas.

A three-acre nature center in one of Chicago’s toughest neighborhoods.  Michael and Amelia Howard built it from scratch with a lot of help from their neighbors.    

He's one of the country's hottest artists. And he has a degree in Urban Planning. Theaster Gates draws on both to revitalize low income South Side neighborhoods.

A synagogue that’s 98% Black. And 100% Jewish.

When this inspirational speaker lost the ability to speak, she was no less inspiring.  Meet Anne Marie Schlekeway.

Sun-Times health reporter Monifa Thomas didn’t expect a stroke any more than you do.
In prison for murder, Marshawn Feltus learned yoga. Now out, he teaches his neighbors.
A gang shooting ignites a community project.
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