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Wild Bison return to Illinois. A Tribune photographer tracks their progress.
Nothing quite like seeing tens of thousands of Sandhill Cranes in one place.
A nature photographer. A passion for owls.
Up close in rarely-explored Chicago river.
West Ridge Nature Center grows from unused property.
Karsyn Terry and her dad show you how to make a 14-year-old billiard whiz.

If riding with no hands was an Olympic event, John Kohan would win Gold.  

Most of these women have been bowling together since the 1950s.

It’s the busiest 16” softball league in the world.  Washington Park.  South Side.  And Sarge MacKinnon is in charge. 

Where Riverview once stood, a new wild ride -- bicycles flying through air.
Just because the players are disabled doesn’t mean they can’t kick your butt. This is full-contact hockey. 
Real kids. Real coaches. Real Sport. Kids with lower limb disabilities, some from gunshots. 
What could be more fun for a blind kid than throwing her Judo teacher to the mat?
Legendary drag strip. Killer cars. Quarter mile.
There is no one in the Chicago area who has had more of an impact on Chicago waterways and on the sport of paddling than blacksmith, activist, businessman and naturalist Ralph Frese.