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How do they make vinyl records? Jay brings you to a factory to see how it’s done.
Want to become a professional violin-maker? Learn the trade here.
The Black Fire Brigade mentors and trains Black firefighters, paramedics and EMT's.
Jay joins the crew of the tugboat Kimberly Selvick for a day of moving barges on the Calum
This might mess with your stereotypes of Punk Rockers.
Specialty mushrooms grown in an old Chicago meatpacking plant.
Behind the scenes at Zap Props.
Three generations steer a Black hair products company
Stacey Greene grew up with the worms and crayfish.  Now she runs the joint.
Barry Bauman loved his job so much he kept doing it for free after he retired.
One of the first Black flight attendants tells her story.
Building that first Giant Globe was tough. Then Matt Binns got good at it.
On the job with a food photographer
Meet the crew of the tall ship "Lynx."
On the front lines in Chicago's war on rats.
Got a racehorse going to Dublin or Dubai? Des McInerney is your man.
The Museum of Science and Industry needed someone to run their gigantic and legendary model train set. William Davidson is the model train lover who got the job.
Classic men’s hats. Classic craftsmanship.  And Optimo’s Graham Thompson learned from the best: legendary Chicago hatter Johnny Tyus.
Got a beehive in the walls of your home? Dan Parizek will help both you and the bees.