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WTTW Kids Fun Food Fest

WTTW Kids brings the Fun Food Fest to communities throughout Chicagoland! Join us for an exciting 90-minute FREE live show, perfect for children 2 to 7 years old, bringing to life the fun and learning from WTTW Kids’ most popular and beloved children’s shows. These events feature live music by local children’s performers including Laura Doherty, Tricia Sebastian, Miss Jamie from the Farm, and Istvan and his Imaginary Band.

Hosted by the WTTW Kids Crew, children will be inspired to create their own lifelong healthy habits! The exciting show will engage kids to explore themes like being active, eating healthy and caring for Mother Earth. We’ll also get to taste some healthy samples and learn about your favorite foods. Each show will include a character Meet & Greet following the performance by a PBS Kids character, such as Curious George or Nature Cat, inside the store.

How do you make SMALL CHANGES?

A SMALL CHANGE is a way to create a healthy habit. When you’re a kid, the world is full of big things, but when you make SMALL CHANGES you can make big things happen.


  • eating more fruits and vegetables at lunch and dinner
  • playing outside instead of ­watching TV all afternoon
  • cleaning up after yourself and others when you are out in the world

Thanks to our supporting partners, Organic Valley, Traditional Medicinals, Lifeway, and Physicians Immediate Care. Additional support provided by Path of Life. In-kind support provided by Children’s Clinic and Konica Minolta. 

Upcoming Events

Sorry, there are no upcoming Fun Food Fest events. Check back later!

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