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Through the classic game I Spy, students will be asked to use descriptor words when taking notice of objects around them. This activity allows students to practice both following direction and conversational skills, all while encouraging curiosity.

Cartoon child 'spying' fruits and vegetables at the supermarket


  1. Explain to the children that they are going to learn how to play a game called “I Spy.” Play the “I Spy” video from Sesame Street.
  2. After the video, talk about how the game works best when you use the most descriptive words possible.
  3. Play a sample round of the game to show the children how it is done. Have children that want to ask a question raise their hands and be called upon. Call up to three children to play three more rounds of the game

Considerations/Modifications/Extension Activities

  1. For children that need extra help, use additional clips from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood as further examples after watching the clip. (See pbskids.org)

Common Core Learning Standards for English Language Arts

  • The child will follow agreed-upon rules for discussions, etc. (CCSS. ELA-LITERACY.SL.K.1.A)
  • The child will demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage. (CCSS.ELA-ITERACY.L.K.1)

Items Needed

  • Projector, TV, or computer with internet access to show clip