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Muhammad Ali

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Beats & Boxing: How Music Adds Power to Ken Burns’ ‘Muhammad Ali’

In Dunnington’s latest work, Muhammad Ali, directed by famed documentarians Ken Burns, Sarah Burns, and David McMahon, she made use of music of Ali’s era as well as tracks from hip hop producer and Meek Mill, Jay-Z, and 50 Cent collaborator Jahlil Beats to weave an immersive and propulsive soundscape.

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New Documentary Explores Life, Legend of Muhammad Ali

At an early age he identified himself as “The Greatest” and backed up his words inside and out of the boxing ring. Filmmaker Ken Burns joins “Black Voices” to discuss the sweeping new four-part documentary “Muhammad Ali.”

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Ken Burns Talks About His New Documentary ‘Muhammad Ali’

He was bigger than boxing and larger than life — a true icon of the 20th century. Filmmaker Ken Burns and Donald Lassere of the Chicago History Museum join us to discuss the sweeping new four-part documentary on the life and legacy of Muhammad Ali.

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Tracing Muhammad Ali's Memory in Chicago - A Photo Essay

Muhammad Ali was born in Louisville and attained global fame, but Chicago played an important role in the boxing legend’s life. Discover some of the locations that marked Ali's remarkable life during his time in Chicago.

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Chicago, Chicago, That Boxing Town

Three of the most famous world heavyweight champions—most famous athletes in general—have lived in and had some of their most formative experiences and bouts in Chicago, a city that has also always been a stepping stone for amateur boxers.

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What Muhammad Ali Means To Me - A Personal Reflection

Muhammad Ali was the greatest; a symbol of a strong, unapologetically Black man; an example of how a person can grow and change. WTTW's Tim Russell reflects on his memories of Ali and the boxer's importance.

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Chicago’s Significance to the ‘Greatest of All Time’ - An Interview with Ali's Biographer Jonathan Eig

"Muhammad Ali lived here for some of the most important years of his career," says his biographer Jonathan Eig. "Chicago was really where he began to find a national stage and to realize that he could be special." Plus, he had his "racial awakening" here.

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Ken Burns, Sarah Burns, and David McMahon Take on Muhammad Ali

Ken Burns, Sarah Burns, and David McMahon take on "the greatest of all time" in their upcoming four-part documentary, examining the three-time heavyweight champion who was also a lightning rod for controversy around activism, pacifism, religion, and race.

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A Chicago Artist Honors Muhammad Ali

“Muhammad Ali is the athlete equivalent of an artist," says the visual artist Rahmaan Statik, a South Side native and former Nation of Islam member who has painted a mural of Ali at 2847 S. Kedzie Avenue in Little Village.

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Jonathan Eig’s ‘Ali: A Life’ Portrays Complex, Flawed, But Humble Icon

There’s more to Muhammad Ali, both positive and negative, than many people know, and quite a bit of it is uncovered for the first time in Jonathan Eig's biography.

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