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All of Playlist's Chef's Flight Content

Daniel Hautzinger
James Beard, Julia Child ,Jacques Pépin, and Alice Waters

While the American Masters Chef's Flight has ended, you can still stream the four documentaries about essential figures in American cuisine for free until June 16. (After that they are available to Passport members only.) And our interviews, recipes, and features never expire, so you can revisit James Beard, Jacques Pépin, Julia Child, and Alice Waters anytime. Here's everything we posted about these culinary masters.

"James Beard: America's First Foodie" – Recipes and wit from James Beard. “I believe that if ever I had to practice cannibalism, I might manage if there were enough tarragon around."

Jacques Pépin and Julia Child, c. 1980s. Photo: Courtesy Jacques PépinJacques Pépin and Julia Child, c. 1980s. Photo: Courtesy Jacques Pépin"Chicago Chefs on the Influence of James Beard" – A James Beard Award winner and nominee share their thoughts on Beard's legacy, and their favorite recipe from the early food icon.

"From the Archive: Julia Child" – In a 1978 interview, Julia Child discusses food snobs, nutrition freaks, and children in the kitchen.

"Alice Waters and Her Delicious Revolution" – Get recipes for Soupe au Pistou with Lamb Shanks and Strawberry Orange Compote from the queen of local, organic cuisine.

"Jacques Pépin on American Food Since the '50s" – The French turned American chef discusses his career, the food scene today, and the shift that moved chefs from "the bottom of the social scale" to "genius."

Alice Waters's Soupe Pistou with Lamb Shanks.Alice Waters's Soupe Pistou with Lamb Shanks."What the Culinary Elite Eats at the James Beard Awards" –  If you're one of the acclaimed chefs serving food at the James Beard Awards, what do you serve? We talked to three of the exceptional chefs at the gala while they prepared their dishes.

"Chicago James Beard Finalists on WTTW" – Meet the Chicago chefs nominated for the James Beard Awards in 2017, and watch their appearances on various WTTW shows.