Take an Immersive Tour of Havana

Daniel Hautzinger
The Plaza de Cristo in Havana, Cuba. Photo: Brian Canelles
The Plaza de Cristo in Havana, Cuba. Photo: Brian Canelles

Ever wondered what it's like to visit Havana, that legendary city that calls up images of vintage cars and cigars, mojitos and salsa dancing? Since restrictions on travel between Cuba and the U.S. were mostly lifted in 2016, now you can easily experience it in person – or you can tour the city on our Weekend in Havana website, which accompanies the national special Weekend in Havana, hosted by Geoffrey Baer. 

You'll feel like you're in Havana as you navigate 360 videos, immersive audio, and travel guides. Cruise through the streets in a 1958 Thunderbird convertible, take a flamenco class with world-class dancers, visit a tobacco farm, and enjoy a musical performance by Trio Alpha in the historic Plaza de Armas – all in 360 degrees. Learn about must-see highlights of Havana in our guided, four-day tour. If that trip's not enough for you, go off the beaten path on some side trips: introduce yourself to the Afro-Cuban religion Santería, hear about the challenges of innovative young Cuban entrepreneurs, learn how to make iconic Cuban cocktails from Havana's cantineros, and more.

You can also stream the documentary. Curious what Geoffrey did in his down-time while filming? Read his travel journal

Havana is a magical, unique place. We're here to help you explore.