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'Remember Me' Recap: Part 3

Daniel Hautzinger
Hannah lives her nightmares in the climax of 'Remember Me.' Photo: ITV plc
Photo: ITV plc

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Take a deep breath. The final part of Remember Me is a murky lake, swirling with drowned bodies, complex backstories, and supernatural plots. Ready to dive in?

Following their frightening experience at the beach, Hannah and Sean are terrified. Rob speeds to Scarborough to comfort them with some cool rationality – although he himself is beginning to believe in ghosts. Piecing together evidence – the photo of a young Tom held by Isha, a photo from 1914 showing Isha with other Indian ayahs, or nannies – Rob has developed a theory that Isha was Tom’s nanny, brought to England to watch over Tom when his family left India, 100 years ago (Remember, Tom is 110). Rob makes a half-hearted attempt at logic, but discards reason when he sees the photo of Sean with a ghostly Isha superimposed.

Remember Me. Photo: ITV plcRob and Hannah are beginning to believe in ghosts. Photo: ITV plcWhile Rob sits with a panicking Hannah and Sean in Scarborough, someone calls in a sighting of Tom. The trio rush to the site. A seaside trailer home is in disarray and dripping with water. Rob spots Tom lying on a bluff nearby. Isha appears over him, then is gone.

Tom, soaked and bloody-nosed, rouses. “I just wanted to be free,” he says, and goes on to confirm that Isha was indeed his ayah. She swore she would always watch over him, but he was ready to escape. Hence the staged fall in his home and empty suitcase: Isha travels in the objects of Tom’s flat. Meanwhile, Isha continues to stalk Sean, appearing on his swing while the adults talk.

Tom, Rob, Hannah, and Sean next travel to Goathland, the home of Tom’s dead wife Dorothea. Rob and Hannah interview Dorothea’s surviving sister, who relates some family lore. Richard Hutton, Dorothea’s grandfather, composed a version of “Scarborough Fair” that supposedly had the power to lay ghosts to rest. But the sister’s tale is interrupted when she spots Tom outside her house and flies into a rage, accusing him of murder.

As our main characters leave Goathland, Tom admits that he was originally drawn to Goathland in search of Richard’s “Scarborough Fair,” 60 years ago. It was then that he met Dorothea, and fell in love.

Remember Me. Photo: ITV plcThe sister of Tom's wife blames him for Dorothea's death. Photo: ITV plcRob brings Hannah and Sean home, where Hannah gets into a row with her mother. Hannah’s history is revealed. Her parents’ marriage was troubled, so much so that her mother left for three years. Hannah’s dad died in a car accident when he drove away from the house in a rage after a terrible argument with his wife.

Tom’s parents also met an untimely end, he tells Rob back at the police station. They were killed in a German bombardment of Scarborough, in 1914. Isha also perished at sea that year, when the boat taking her back to India hit a mine, drowning its passengers. Isha continued to watch over Tom as a ghost, however. When he revealed his past to Dorothea, she tried to use her grandfather’s “Scarborough Fair” to dispel Isha, but the ayah pushed her down the stairs before she finished the song.

Rob now fears for Sean’s life. He rushes to Hannah’s house, but neither she nor Sean is there. Worse, Sean’s room is full of shells.

Remember Me. Photo: ITV plcIsha threatens Sean to force Tom's hand. Photo: ITV plcHannah at least is safe, for now. She’s at the nursing home, speaking to Nancy, the woman who seemed to recognize Tom. Nancy reveals that Tom looks like her grandmother’s neighbor, but he would have to be dead by now. She recalls seeing him bring his new bride home. She was singing “Scarborough Fair” as they crossed the threshold. But when she asked him to join her in finishing the song, he shoved her down the stairs. He swore Nancy to secrecy.

Afraid for Sean, Hannah goes to a nearby lake on the basis of her recurring nightmare of drowning. Rob calls in panic and vows to come find her. Isha and Sean stand on the opposite bank. Tom appears near Hannah. Hannah accuses him of murdering his wife; he confesses that he did so to save Isha, who came back from the dead for him.

Hannah begs Tom to help her save Sean, and the two shove off in a boat. Hannah begins to sing “Scarborough Fair” when they reach the center of the lake. Instead of joining her, Tom throws the oars over the side. He protected Isha once, and he’ll do so again. Rob runs up as Isha dunks Sean’s head underwater. Hannah dives into the lake but finds herself sinking, unable to swim.

Watching both Sean and Hannah drowning, Tom finally sings. As he reaches the end of the song, Isha releases Sean and Hannah finds the strength to surface. Rob pulls Sean from the water and Hannah reaches the shore. Tom has disappeared from the boat, reunited at last with Isha. Both of them have found peace.

Hannah and Rob also find some order. Rob has found a new family to assuage his loneliness, while Hannah can go to university, trusting that Rob will take care of Sean. And both will remember Tom.