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Explore the Chicago River with Geoffrey Baer

Daniel Hautzinger
The Chicago River Tour with Geoffrey Baer. Photo: Ken Carl
Photo: Ken Carl

The new Chicago River Tour with Geoffrey Baer explores the mysteries, histories, and marvels of Chicago's integral waterway, but TV isn't the only way you can discover the river. If the TV program isn't enough of the river (or Geoffrey) for you, you can dive deeper at our companion site, (although you might want to read about how clean the river is first).

Want Geoffrey to guide you as you stand at some of the river's best vantage points? Try out our 360 videos from Wolf Point and the Michigan Avenue Bridge (which includes a stunnign rooftop view). More of a walker than a couch potato? Take an audio tour of ten iconic buildings from the Riverwalk. Curious what Chicago used to look like along the river? Compare historic and modern photos from the same vantage point. 

If the antique photos pique your interest in the history of the river, learn a little bit more about the changes it has undergone or hear the astonishing story of how it was reversed in a delightful animated video. And if you want to  keep the river clean and safe so it continue to be a vital part of the city, find out six things you can easily do to help.

The Chicago River Tour with Geoffrey Baer. Photo: Ken CarlPhoto: Ken Carl