The Hidden Talents of Chicago Chefs

Daniel Hautzinger
Carrie Nahabedian of the Chicago restaurants Naha and Brindille
Carrie Nahabedian of the Michelin-starred restaurant Naha isn't just a James Beard Award-winning chef; she's also a wide-ranging and adventurous traveler.

You can watch Chefs off the Clock and find recipes from the chefs at

Being a chef is demanding: long and odd hours, the heat of the kitchen, a competitive field, slim profit margins. So how do chefs unwind when they clock out of their restaurants? WTTW's new digital series Chefs off the Clock introduces you to the non-culinary talents and hobbies of some of Chicagoland's top chefs.

Carrie Nahabedian may have a James Beard Award and two restaurants, one of them Michelin-starred, but she has also found the time to take adventurous trips to 75 countries, principalities, and islands, drawing inspiration in the kitchen from the journeys and giving back in other countries through philanthropy and mentoring. Rick Gresh of AceBounce and Flight Club and Won Kim of Kimski both not only serve up outstanding food but also help decorate restaurants, Gresh with his handmade wood and leather products and Kim with his graffiti. Other chefs scuba dive, bike, sail, hike, dance, and play baseball when they're not serving up dishes.

But the dishes are important too, so you can try your hand at recipes from the chefs on the Chefs off the Clock website, in addition to discovering their other sides through the short episodes. Episodes will every Wednesday through the summer, beginning with Nahabedian's feature, so check back often!

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