Emily Graslie Is Making a Show With Us!

Daniel Hautzinger
Emily Graslie on Chicago Tonight on April 10, 2018
Emily Graslie on 'Chicago Tonight' on April 10, 2018

Emily Graslie, the creator and host of the endlessly enlightening science YouTube channel The Brain Scoop and Chief Curiosity Correspondent at the Field Museum, is making a three-part, three-hour natural history series with us and PBS that will air next summer. Called Prehistoric Roadtrip, it will follow Graslie as she travels back to the area she grew up, the Northern Plains of the Dakotas, Nebraska, Montana, and Wyoming, and explores the amazing geology and fossils that can be found there. As she puts it in her announcement video, she'll be talking about "really old, really dead stuff!"

Graslie goes behind-the-scenes of natural history museums in her YouTube videos, exploring everything from taxidermy to climate change to minerals with her infectious enthusiasm. She has also produced podcasts, fought against sexism in science, and acted as a general ambassador for museums and the sciences. 

Check back here for more details soon!

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