Practice Your Cooking Skills with 'America's Test Kitchen' at Home

Daniel Hautzinger
America's Test Kitchen Boot Camp

With shelter-in-place orders still effective, there's no better time to learn to be a better cook—and America's Test Kitchen is here to help.

Beginning Monday, May 18, they're launching ATK 10-Minute Cooking Boot Camp to teach you kitchen skills. Every day will feature a different cast member teaching a new lesson from their own home kitchen. The first week will cover basic training, while week two will go into advanced training. Knife skills, sauces, bread baking, chocolate—there's plenty for any cook to learn. 

Here's the schedule for Week 1:

Monday, May 18: Knives Up” with Julia Collin Davison

Tuesday, May 19: Smarter Seasoning” with Jack Bishop

Wednesday, May 20: “Getting Sauced” with Christie Morrison

Thursday, May 21: Conquering the Egg” with Elle Simone

Friday, May 22: “Rescuing Vegetables from Mediocrity” with Keith Dresser & Erin McMurrer

And week 2:

Monday, May 25: "Searing with Authority" with Dan Souza

Tuesday, May 26: "Swimming in Hot Oil" with Ashley Moore

Wednesday, May 27: "Breaking Down Bread" with Bridget Lancaster

Thursday, May 28: "Playing with Chocolate" with Lan Lam

Friday, May 29: "Cooking with Smoke and Fire" with Brian Roof and Morgan Bolling

The videos will be released on ATK's YouTube channel at 2:00 pm CT every weekday (subscribe to be the first to watch). Plus, make sure to watch WTTW's Facebook page throughout the two weeks of boot camp for a special drawing to win a copy of the America's Test Kitchen 20th Anniversary Cookbook.

And if there are kids in your life who want to learn to cook, check out America's Test Kitchen's Kitchen Classroom, a free, daily activity geared towards kids.