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Filming Has Begun on Another Season of 'Grantchester'

Daniel Hautzinger
Tom Brittney directing an episode of 'Grantchester.' Photo: Courtesy Masterpiece
Tom Brittney directing an episode of 'Grantchester.' Photo: Courtesy Masterpiece

Recap previous seasons of Grantchester, which are available to stream by WTTW Passport members.

We're only about two months away from the return of Grantchester: season six premieres Sunday, October 3 on WTTW. But there's more good news! Season seven has already started filiming, and all of your favorites are returning. Tom Brittney, who plays the dashing Will Davenport, is even directing an episode.  

At the end of season five we left Will in the wake of a momentous decision and Leonard moving to a place of better acceptance. While we don't know much of what season six will hold, other than that Leonard will have a big plotline while Will and Geordie head down a destructive path, season seven will pick up in 1959. 

Several guests have already been announced for season seven, including some familiar faces: Charlotte Ritchie, who played Nurse Barbara in Call the Midwife; Emma Cunniffe, who played Hugh Laurie's driver Sydney in Roadkill; and Anna Wilson-Jones, who was Lady Emma Portman in Victoria, among many others.

So even while you enjoy the return of Grantchester in October, know that there is more to come!