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WTTW Remembers Don Muss, Our Longtime Building Manager

Daniel Hautzinger
WTTW's longtime Building Manager Don Muss
Don Muss, WTTW and WFMT's Building Manager, worked at the organization for 35 years

We’d like to honor WTTW and WFMT's longtime Building Manager, Don Muss, who passed away on Sunday surrounded by his family. Over the past 35 years, our staff knew and trusted Don, for the big things and the little things. Don was a force: his work ethic unmatched, his care for the place where we work supreme, his heart enormous.

Through his tireless efforts, Don had a positive impact on the daily life of everyone at WTTW and WFMT. The title of Building Manager doesn’t adequately describe the scope of his responsibilities, which included oversight of the day-to-day care of our building, campus, and renovation projects. Don quite literally worked morning, noon, and night, sometimes seven days a week. During the winter months, he was up before dawn to plow the parking lot and sidewalks to keep us safe, and during the summer months, he brought the greenery that encircles our building to life for all of us to enjoy. Don deserves recognition not only for everything he did for our staff, but also for his unflappable spirit, work ethic, and dedication throughout his 35 years at WTTW and WFMT.

WTTW's Softball team, including Don MussDon (left, in the white cap) on WTTW's Softball Team

Don Muss with his daughter RachelDon with his daughter Rachel

Don Muss at a WTTW BBQDon Muss at a WTTW BBQ