'Before We Die' Recap: Episode 6

Daniel Hautzinger
Davor in Before We Die. Photo: Sofie Gheysens
Davor is led into a final confontation. Photo: Sofie Gheysens

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Christian’s world has been turned upside down by the revelation that the Mimicas have known all along that he was a source for the police. He rushes to grab Davor’s laptop as Davor himself comes upstairs and, sensing that Bianca is hiding something, storms into her room and sees the video of Sean’s torture on her laptop. In the meantime, Christian escapes out the window with Davor’s laptop.

He immediately calls Hannah to warn her just as her colleagues—Billy, Tina, and Billy’s friend—enter the cabin where Zvonomir stopped, and are surprised to find it empty. Hannah yells for them to get out, and Zvonomir blows it up. Only Billy manages to escape, while Hannah was farther away.

Zvonomir begins shooting the corpses of Tina and Billy’s friend, but Hannah and Billy are saved by Fran, who has tailed Hannah. As Fran points a gun at Zvonomir and tells him to drop his weapon, she herself is shot dead. Davor sent another man as backup. Fran had already radioed for backup herself, so Zvonomir and his friend flee.

Christian himself is fleeing on foot while Davor pursues him in a car. He throws his phone into a river and eventually drops Davor’s laptop as well before escaping onto a bus. He realizes that Davor’s gift of a watch might not actually have been a gift, and leaves it on the bus for Davor to track down—it is implanted with a GPS tracker.

Davor gives up the chase frustrated, but is happy at least that his shipment of cocaine has arrived, hidden in cans on a truck. He sends Zvonomir to Hannah and Billy’s safehouse, where they take the laptops and plant some cocaine.

Billy is unconscious, but Hannah is able to brief Tina’s boss, Kane, on her and Billy’s investigation from her hospital bed. She tells him that the Mimicas are importing cocaine, and that the submarine Christian saw may have been a decoy. She pretends not to know who Billy’s source on the Mimicas—Christian—is, but warns Kane that someone in the police is on the Mimicas’ payroll. The only evidence they have on the Mimicas now is the video of Sean’s torture.

But when the police search the Mimicas’ restaurant and home, they find nothing, while they find the cocaine at Hannah’s safehouse. Under questioning, Davor feigns innocence about Stefan’s death, saying he thought he was in Croatia. All of that, along with the confession of the murder of Sean and Stefan by Andri and a lack of evidence supporting Hannah’s story, makes it hard to believe Hannah. Kane suspends her.

Dubravka and Davor think Bianca knows where Christian is, and question her about him as well as Fran. Bianca tells them she wishes she had given Fran a copy of the torture video, but she only showed it to her. Dubravka warns her not to turn on her family.

Davor’s police source has appeared at the Mimica restaurant. The source is upset about the killings of his colleagues, but Davor reveals his knowledge of Christian as an informant and Billy and Hannah’s investigation, which the policeman knew nothing about. The source fearfully asks if Christian knows about him, and Davor scoffs.

Hannah purposefully bumps into Bianca at her college. Bianca is now being watched by Mimica associates. She meets Hannah in the bathroom, and Hannah asks about Christian—but Bianca doesn’t know where he is, although she tells Hannah that he escaped the Mimicas. Hannah reveals that she is a cop and gets Bianca’s phone number. When she asks if she can trust Bianca, Bianca replies that she should ask Fran.

Bianca must then leave to avoid the suspicion of her escort. Realizing that Bianca had been informing on her family to Fran, Hannah texts her, asking if she told Fran who killed Stefan—she wants to protect Christian. Bianca responds that Davor killed him.

Hannah boldly goes to the Mimica house and asks Davor what she can do to get him to spare Christian. All he will promise is that Christian won’t suffer.

Hannah then goes to Billy, still unconscious in the hospital, and tells him that Christian is alive, and she has a plan to save him. Billy wakes up. She also tells Kane that he should check Fran’s files—she wasn’t working with Hannah and Billy.

Davor’s police source tells him that the Mimicas are in the clear—they just need to lie low for a bit. Davor says he just needs to do one more thing: kill Christian.

Christian finally calls Hannah, who lays out a plan to beat the Mimicas. She meets him at a house in the woods and hands over a bag that includes a sum of money from his father. She then takes a tracker off her car—presumably put there by the Mimicas when she stopped at their house to plead for Christian—and drives away.

Davor, Zvonomir, and one other henchman arrive soon after. Christian flees and they chase him, shooting. Eventually a bullet hits him in the back and he falls in a field. Suddenly more shots ring out: Billy is sniping the three Mimicas. He fells them all, and Christian stands up, removing his shirt to reveal a bulletproof vest.

Then Davor gets up and begins to flee—he was only hit in the arm. Hannah pursues him until he is cornered at the edge of a water-filled ravine. She tells him to put down his gun, but when he makes a move to shoot her she is faster. His body falls into the water below.

Hannah tells Christian to leave, and not to contact her—but as they hug he whispers that he will go to Costa Rica, and slips his necklace into her pocket. Before he leaves England, he and Bianca happily reunite.

Kane reinstates Hannah as a policewoman: he discovered proof that the Mimicas tortured Sean amongst Fran’s things, and also found the photo of Hannah with the Mimicas and Christian from their dinner. Having pieced together everyone’s identity, he now understands why Hannah wanted to protect her source so much.

This stays between us, he says. Now you just have to find the police source, the bastard who betrayed us. Hannah shreds the photo.