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News About Upcoming PBS Dramas and Mysteries

Daniel Hautzinger
Behind the scenes of All Creatures Great and Small, with Siegfired. Photo: Masterpiece
Behind the scenes of 'All Creatures Great and Small.' Photo: Masterpiece

As summer continues its march towards fall, we have some exciting news about favorite Masterpiece dramas and mysteries, as well as a new show. 

We already knew that more seasons of All Creatures Great and Small and Miss Scarlet and the Duke were coming; now we have dates! Season 3 of All Creatures Great and Small will premiere on WTTW and PBS on January 8, 2023. Season 2 of Miss Scarlet and the Duke is coming on October 16, but we now know that it will be followed in short succession by season 3, which will also premiere January 8, 2023. 

You can catch a sneak peek of season 2 of Miss Scarlet now, and don't forget that you can catch up on season 1 with our recaps. You can also recap both seasons of All Creatures Great and Small, and WTTW Passport members can stream them. 

We also have news that a five-part series about Clementine Churchill, the wife of Winston, is being developed for Masterpiece. There's not much information yet other than that it will focus on the life of a little-known but influential woman who was involved with world events behind the scenes, especially during World War II. We'll look forward to casting information and more news!