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Our Most Popular Recipes of the Year

Daniel Hautzinger
Tater Tot Hotdish from Cook's Country
Tater Tot Hotdish was just one of the simple, hearty dishes that was among our most-viewed recipes of the year. Photo: Cook's Country

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Cook's Illustrated wins. Of the ten most viewed recipes we published this year, eight out of ten came from a Cook's Illustrated show: six from Cook's Country, and two from America's Test Kitchen. There's a reason the shows (and digital content, and magazines, and cookbooks) have been going strong for so many years!

Another winner was Chicago, with three recipes approximating versions of Chicago dishes (tavern-style pizza, Greek Chicken like that from the Athenian Room, and atomic cake).

And the last winner? You, the home cook. Because many of these recipes are simple, classic, and hearty. So you'll get tasty, filling food without spending all day in the kitchen.

1. Hawaiian Macaroni Salad

It's an easy and delicious side, perfect for picnics especially but welcome on any table, so it makes sense that this recipe has been a perennial favorite ever since it was published. Cook's Country has a few simple tricks in their recipe to create the ideal mac salad.

2. Tavern-Style Pizza

Sure, you probably have your favorite Chicago place to get square-cut, thin crust pizza (Vito and Nick's? Marie's?), but it can also be fun to make it home. Try Cook's Country recipe to get the pizza without the tavern.

3. Greek Chicken  

This is another Cook's Country recipe that recreates, in a way, a classic Chicago dish: the chicken Kalamata from the Athenian Room in Lincoln Park. 

4. Cake Recipe for the Atomic Age

Sure, atomic cake may not be as common a Chicago dish as tavern-style pizza, but it has its own devoted following—and a fascinating story, which we explored along with the recipe.

5. Green Goddess Roast Chicken

You may not have thought of it before, but green goddess dressing is the perfect accompaniment to roast chicken, as demonstrated in this recipe from Cook's Country.

6. Chewy Oatmeal Cookies

This recipe for a simple classic from America's Test Kitchen is one of the first we published, and it's still one of the most popular. Because sometimes simple is the best.

7. Pastitsio

You know lasagna, but have you heard of the Greek answer to it? America's Test Kitchen has a recipe for this casserole consisting of pasta, béchamel, and a tomatoey meat sauce.

8. Blueberry Jam Cake

While most of our recipes are not overly concerned with presentation, this summery cake from Cook's Country is not only delectable but also gorgeous, thanks to the ombre frosting. Don't worry though—if you're feeling lazy, it wil taste just as good withou the stunning frosting effect!

9. Tater Tot Hotdish

We are from the Midwest, so it's no surprise that two casseroles made the list. Hotdish hails from much closer to home than pastitsio, even if it's not too different. Try a version from Cook's Country.

10. Gin Bijou

While none of Milk Street's recipes made the list, J.M. Hirsch is their editorial director, and his recipe for a gin cocktail that whiskey lovers will enjoy is close enough!